To all our wonderful fans: Thank you for another wonderful summer! Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to close a bit early this year, and are now closed for the season. Check out our facebook page if you need to contact us. Come visit us again next spring!

The Peppermint Twist
Drive-In Restaurant

Family owned and operated since 1982

Welcome to The Peppermint Twist Drive-in. Enjoy Minnesota's beautiful summer by grabbing an old fashioned quality burger and relaxing in our park with a fresh delicious raspberry shake. Check out our menu for more treats!    
Cool down with one of our famous shakes! Fresh raspberry, strawberry, creamy homemade butterscotch, Hershey's chocolate, and peppermint twist with real peppermint chunks!
Our food is hand prepared after you order, and we don't compromise on quality! We take pride in selecting the finest ingredients.
Home of our famous
Raspberry Shake
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